Sleek motion, fast opening and maximum security - combining strength and design to provide the most secure gated solution. Fitted to the highest safest standards with battery back-up and anti-crush features, one of our gates provides a strong and impressively secure barrier.

Solar gates

Harnessing the power of the sun, our solar gates are both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. The world is becoming a greener place and every effort to harness green technology is an effort we support.

All of our gates can be solar, whether they be the heavy-duty construction site ones such as our SOSEC 300, or our domestic sliding or bi-fold gates.

The solar engineering can be placed either underground or above ground, depending on your requirements and the site.

Automatic gates

We are experts in gate automation, supplying and installing the full range of gate motors to suit all types of gate across the UK. We can add automation to any gate or will fit a whole new gate if this is the best option.

Sliding gates

Our gates combine sleek motion and maximum security, along with being very pleasing on the eye too.

Sliding gates are perfect if: There's limited space; A swing gate would use up too much space or reduce parking spaces; The opening is wide; The roadway has sharp turns; The drive is sloping; No 'safe' area can be made

They usually look like swing gates from the outside and can open very quickly - as little as five seconds. Any gate can be converted into a sliding one.

Features include:

  • Anti-crush
  • Quiet
  • Can be mounted on wheels
  • Up to 4m high
  • Metal or wooden

Bi-fold gates

Perfect for high security, underground and smaller parking areas where a fast opening time is needed.

Features include:

  • Quick
  • Fluid opening/closing
  • Vehicles can pass without stopping
  • Can be connected with access security (intercom / card access etc)
  • Ideal for sloping terrain
  • Override for power failure (if not solar)

This type of gate is ideal for: Public places, Factories, Hotel car parks, Airports & Military premises.