An Englishman's home is his castle

Leeds Castle, a Norman stronghold and first built in 1119 by a baron during a reign of William the Conqueror’s son Henry I. It has been the private property of six of England’s medieval Queens and a palace used by Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon. It's now a national heritage site and one of England’s most visited castles.

Leeds Castle has entrusted six main entry points, across the 500 acre grounds, and the 24/7 operational servicing and breakdown cover to Solar Gates UK. All entrances are in constant use and fundamental to the security of the castle and its grounds. Leeds Castle was the very first client of Solar Gates UK and as such have enjoyed a working relationship for over 15 years. Each gate or barrier is regularly and rigorously tested to ensure not only that they run smoothly and reliably, but also that they are at the highest gate safety standards. Each access point is uniquely installed dependant on the need of access, style of entrance and the local terrain.

The Broomfield main trades entrance, is one of 4 barriers and features a fully automated barrier with ANPR and Paxton intercom that has allowed the full elimination manned security costs, saving the castle £000’s from their security budget. The maze entrance, a simple traditional wooden gate for staff, is completely solar powered, eliminating the huge costs of running power to the rural location. All entrances are linked to the castle's security network and centralised security control room. This allows the security team to monitor all the entrances and exits as part of the whole security system at the castle.

Security Manager at Leeds Castle, Kelvin Wood, says:
“The personal service by Solar Gates UK is second to none. I have known and worked with Neil Sampson (MD) for 15 years now, I rely on the team and the 24/7 offering is more reliable than other companies can offer.”

When an entrance is inoperative and with centuries of history to protect, Kelvin and Leeds Castle security team need to know they can rely on a reactive, knowledgeable and friendly team – the perimeter is where security starts and Solar Gates UK have got it covered. Kelvin goes on to say:
“Solar Gates UK provide a really great service. We recently went out to market to check the service offering but SGUK came back far and above the most cost efficient and reliable offering. If we have a problem they just fix it.”

Leeds Castle also offer a number of highly significant and large events throughout the year. Opening up the castle to paying guests and the public for events such as: fireworks, new year’s eve celebrations and classical concerts. During these events Leeds Castle has relied upon the instant delivery of temporary SOSEC barriers and solar lighting ensuring the safety of guests and security of the castle and it's grounds.

Solar Gates UK offers a fully bespoke service for every client we work with. If you would like to discuss your needs, give us a call on 01622 534000 or visit:

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