INSTABOOM GS6 Over Height Hazard Protection

This exceptional and unique addition to the INSTABOOM and SOSEC barrier is specially designed to protect overhead strikes in work zones. The Solar hybrid portable laser detection unit identifies any over height vehicle from up to 6m away, triggering a mobile barrier to close in front on the vehicle and securing the lane from over head strikes.

The GS6 profoundly improves work lane safety compared with traditional GS6 safety methods.

This brand new innovation also has a failsafe built-in which can leave the barrier open or closed in the event of sudden loss of power.


The GS6 and Wireless GS6 barrier comes with BUILT IN Remote Telematics which is especially important when barriers are operating a safety critical GS6 role, the ability to receive live alerts and locations of over height vehicle breaches becomes an invaluable safety tool.


Access Control Options

Proximity Reader

Key Code, wireless or fixed

GSM Intercom & SIM

ANPR Camera

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