SOSEC Pallet-Trailer

Solar Gates are proud to bring to the market a unique new delivery tool for their SOSEC barriers, the pallet trailer. The lifting capacity of a fork-lift combined in a standard trailer. Solar Gates were becoming increasingly aware of site deliveries that required more one vehicle to finish the installation.

More widely, taking heavy plant and goods onto highways sites often involves three vehicles - the forks, the flatbed and the gangers' 4x4 to lead. This amounts to sheet waste of manpower and fuel, when there is another way. With the Pallet-Trailer, site deliveries can now be achieved with a single vehicle and a 65% reduction in carbon usage.

Initially developed for the simple transport and delivery the SOSEC range of solar powered site barriers, the Pallet-Trailer is now available for any palletised goods. With a manual hydraulic lift, the trailer easily lifts a pallet from the ground for transport and then lower back to the ground at the destination.

SOSEC Pallet-Trailer is available in 6 capacity options from 450kg to 1800kg loads:


Pallet-Trailer 450

£3850.00 + VAT, £4620 inc.
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Hire from £40 per day.


Pallet-Trailer 925

£4812.50 + VAT, £5775 inc.
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Hire from £45 per day.

Pallet-Trailer 1250


Pallet-Trailer 1400

Pallet-Trailer 1800

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