Safety Audits

Safety is our top priority. From the initial installation, to the 1000th person who walks or drives through your Green Gate barrier or gate, every use needs to be as safe as the one before.

We don't just fit gates to the highest safety standards - we apply the strictest standards to safety. Gates are force tested to NSI/DHF:TS001:2019, built to BS EN13241-1, each with a machinery file and risk assessment. We take your safety and responsibility to others seriously. We also test existing gates and either bring them up to date or replace them to be safe.

Read the latest HSE guidelines on gate safety.


Book a Gate MOT/safety audit to make sure you're gates are safe and compliant


Before we work on any gate, whether it be residential or commercial, we carry out a safety assessment - what we call a Gate MOT. For our installations, this is all undertaken as part of your service plan.

For gates not previously installed by us, when there is a breakdown or maintenance issue, we must first carry out a safety MOT to understand how it works, as liability rests with us - the moment we start looking at it!

During a Gate MOT, we assess the gate/barrier you have and then, the options are:

  1. Fix the problem.
  2. Make recommendations for improvements or upgrades to what you 
    already have.
  3. Suggest a replacement if current safety standards cannot be achieved 
    with your current gate.

Gates and barriers are classed as machinery and with strict safety guidelines in place, our engineers required to document all we do - including force tests, checking all working parts and ensuring the gate or barrier will not fail, with the risk of injury or worse.

It's important that your gate or barrier is 'safe and maintained, at least annually, so that any defects can be picked up and fixed.

Gate MOT

Our Gate MOT includes a full safety assessment, force test and production of a machinery file and safety report. We also check that the gate/barrier/bollard is opening and closing correctly, the access control is as it should be, everything is clean and lubricated and ensure any problems are fixed or highlighted.

Recommended yearly - once on a service plan, we will remind you when your next service and Gate MOT is due, so you never have to remember or worry that you've missed it.

A gate MOT gives you the peace of mind that your gate is safe and secure


For new clients, a Gate MOT costs £299 + VAT for a one-off test and report, which includes as a minimum:

You can book a one-off MOT or take out one of our service plans which includes not only the yearly MOT but also breakdown call-outs and servicing too. If you take out a service plan after an MOT, we will refund the MOT charge.

We are required to test to technical standards by law and the benefit to our customers is a safe gate with documentation required by law and their insurance company.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has some useful information for owners of automated gates, including your responsibilities.

We are members of the leading gate safety authorities - DHF and GateSafe.

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