Access Control

Your access control is the most important part of any installation.

We can make a gate swing or a barrier lift - that's the easy bit. But who for, when and how integrated the entrance is, is what makes it work for you.

Have a think about who you need to let in, who else you need to consider, your budget and let us make some suggestions.

Access Control Options

Some of the most common access options to compliment your security:

Radio Fob

The most obvious choice, operate up to 4 gates from one fob.

Audio Intercom

GSM or Hardwired, an intercom allows callers at the gate to contact you - wherever you are.

3G Video Intercom

Supplied with a 10 year sim contract - receive video calls direct to your mobile devices from the gate.

Key Code

A simple code entry or exit, or maybe many codes for different houses and trades.

Prox Tags/Swipe cards

Simply issue tags to known users to open the gate. More cost effective than fobs, just as easy to manage.

Dial to Open

Make a speed dial call to your gate, one ring, it hangs up and opens the gate ready for you.

Underground Loop

Automatically opens the gate as any vehicle approaches.

Ultrasonic Exit

No need to dig up the ground to have an auto exit sensor.


Open to known vehicle number plates on arrival. Either from a static list or a live, network, connected system with full image recording.

Building Control System

Integrate the gate into the existing building security and camera systems.

Timer Control

Run auto open sequences or disable access out of hours.

Contact our dedicated team to discuss your requirements