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Gates, Barriers & Bollards - that's Solar Gates UK

Gate Automation, Parking Barriers, Rising Bollards or solar security - we've got it covered (or we'll invent it!)

Schools, offices, public and private properties alike all need security and here at Solar Gates UK, we work with you to find the right solution.

Whether you are looking to control access or improve safety, our rising bollards, traffic barriers or automatic gates can be custom-built to your specific requirements.

We know that each site is unique and we can work with you to overcome and engineering issues - because that's what we like to do!
At Solar Gates UK, we like to consider ourselves craftsmen for your needs. We take our work incredibly seriously and we will work closely with you to ensure that your bespoke solution meets your high expectations.
And we specialise in using solar - because it's reliable, it's sustainable and often it is by far the most cost-effective answer.

Contact our dedicated team to discuss your requirements: 01622 534000 Contact us on 01622 534000