Peace of mind at Rates Ford

If a car is stolen from a busy garage concourse it tends to have quite an impact on everyone – especially the bemused owner of the car! With deft strategic and installation plans, coupled with a positive mandate from the owner of the premises, Solar Gates jumped into overdrive and fixed the problem; eliminating the chance of theft.

The new rising bollards at Rates of Grays, Essex, ensure that no vehicle can be driven from the showroom, forecourts or workshop areas while the bollards are enabled. Operated by secure swipe cards or wall mounted code panels, the bollards provide total peace of mind to the garage owner as well as improving his insurance premiums and security guard costs. A total of fifteen Easy700 rising bollards in four strategic locations provide full perimeter security for the garage. “The new bollards have improved the image of the whole garage. Customers have noticed, staff feel more secure and everyone drives more carefully. It is win-win all round” comments Colin Rate, senior owner, Rates Ford.

Ram Proof Security

With a high crash resistance, they will withstand an impact from a car at up to 40mph – ensuring the high value stock stays where it should be. The bollards have been selected with a stunning chrome finish to blend in with the modern showroom and feature a ring of high intensity LED lights to make sure they are highly visible at all times.

Rising bollards are becoming an increasingly popular option over more conventional swing gates and barriers. Not only do they generally offer a far higher impact resistance, once lowered, there are no further obstacles in the parking area. More traditional gates often take out a large area of ground that cannot be used, or block off valuable parking spaces. With a rise and fall time of around 6 seconds, bollards provide a quick and secure solution.

“The new bollards look absolutely great and we are very proud of them. Solar Gates UK did an amazing job during the installations and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have ensured we got what we wanted and worked with us as our circumstances and traffic plans changed” concludes Colin.

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