SOSEC Barrier Protects Vistry Group and Linden Homes Sites

Solar Gates UK’s SOSEC Barrier is safeguarding Linden Homes Group’s latest development site of more than 200 new homes in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. The solar-powered safety measure cuts incursions onto the site completely, while eliminating the need for a Gate Person – saving both money and resources on Linden’s Plant, Machinery and Vehicles (PMV) budget.

The Problem
Linden Homes new construction site needed clear demarcation to protect it from incursions, ensuring that the site complied with HSE regulations. The Kent-based house-building company had been using a Gate Person to monitor traffic at the site entrance. This was a costly and dispiriting job for the team member, especially as their time could be put to better use elsewhere on the site.

The Solution
Linden Homes contacted Solar Gates UK after learning that a SOSEC Barrier could be the answer. The SOSEC barrier was immediately deployed, clearly identifed the worksite entrance and barring access to all unauthorised vehicles. Without the need for a cabled power source, solar powered SOSEC stood front and centre – instantly fulfilling its brief. Consequently, the need for a Gate Person at the worksite entrance was removed.

With the introduction of the SOSEC barrier, site safety was significantly improved, cost savings were achieved and health and safety requirements were also addressed – the barrier only allows access to those with authority, meaning no costly HSE intervention fines.

Sebastian Briere-Edney, Chief Buyer for Linden Homes said: “Solar Gates UK, have been great to deal with, the barrier was easy to install and worked straight away. It immediately got rid of the need for a Gate Person and no unauthorised persons can come on site. If anything goes wrong you just come and fix it. It Just works!”

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