INSTABOOM Flagger Brochure


Empowering Personal Road Safety and incursion prevention

INSTABOOM Flagger, is a fully portable/ automated traffic control barrier, designed to control traffic and eliminate incursions within temporary works area.

At just 24 kgs the flight case format has been designed to be deployed by just one person with ease and simplicity. Once deployed, the system is controlled from a safe distance, ensuring the safety of both the operator and motorists.

This mobile flight case format, weighing under 25kg, can easily be carried and deployed by a single person. It features a detachable pole with a 2.1m red/white chevron 'board' for an instant single lane closure. is fully solar-powered, allowing a single operative to deploy an anti-incursion barrier in under a minute and operate the closure from the safety of their vehicle up to 800m away. This ensures both ease of use and enhances safety reducing the risk of accidents during deployment.

In addition to simple functionality, INSTABOOM Flagger also prioritizes sustainability. Running on green energy, it has a low carbon footprint and is manufactured with bamboo and biodegradable materials. The carbon life cycle of all elements of the safety product has been considered, making it an environmentally conscious choice.


INSTABOOM Flagger, is a reliable and efficient solution for controlling traffic and ensuring safety within temporary works areas. Its portability, solar-powered functionality, and sustainability features make it an innovative and responsible choice for any project.

The latest product in the highly successful INSTABOOM family, the INSTABOOM Flagger is manufactured at our Kent facilities, is UKCA marked as well as all other necessary safety accreditations. Supplied with an 800m remote control as standard and with optional telematics, allowing remote monitoring of battery life, rotation state and location.

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