The Team - A Bunch of Misfit's Who Fit

So, let's get to the real stuff.....

You might be wondering who's behind the world class service we give our highways, railways, and construction clients nationwide.

Don't worry, we'll tell ya… addicts, excons, refugee's and anyone else who's up for working with addicts and ex-cons.

Yep, you read that right. Our bunch of misfits are the talent behind our renowned products, cutting-edge tech, and continuous drive to innovate the industry. Because here, we believe in second chances.

We give our people the opportunity to move on from the past and show what they can do in an environment that champions them. So, the brains, skills and determination that make Solar Gates what it is today might not be your 'normal' workforce. But where would be the fun in that?

You can read more about our Social Value's here.

Meet Our Team

Neil Sampson
Founding Director
Chris Long
Operations Director
Anna Blake
Head of Sales & Marketing
Johanna White
Management Accountant
Heather Redman
Account Manager
Emma Tindall
Sales & Marketing Exec
Cheryl Perry
Office Manager
Ilze Kalniete
Office Support
David Gammon
Installation Manager
Claire Bennett
Depot Manager - North East
Rhian Adler
Depot Manager - South West
Michael Arbury
Production Team Leader
James Coleman
Installation Team
Tom Egan
Installation Team
James Lake
Installation Team
James Griffiths
Installation Team
Anatolii Yevdokimov
Production Team
Alexander Woods
Production Team
Dean Nash
Production Team
Kevin Underwood
Production Team
Dan Small
South West Installations

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