Solar Gates UK Launch Two New Temporary Traffic Management Products At LCRIG Innovation Festival

July 2023

Solar Gates UK Launch Two New Temporary Traffic Management Products At LCRIG Innovation Festival Innovation and solar experts Solar Gates UK launched two new products at the LCRIG Innovation Festival last week.

The two innovative temporary traffic control solutions; INSTABOOM Go and INSTABOOM Flagger are both designed for one-person instant deployment, dramatically improving worker safety and helping the UK-wide labour shortage.

Both products are manufactured with the lowest carbon footprint, are green energy operated and one has even been manufactured using bamboo as a main component.

INSTABOOM Go is an automated, remote controlled, Stop/Go board – effortless traffic control deployed in under a minute. Solar-powered and ready for use straight out of the compact flight case, it’s designed for one person operation via remote control, allowing the operator to manage traffic control from the safety of their own vehicle.

‘Safety at Street Works and Road Works: A Code of Practice’ states: “Remotely controlled Stop/Go boards should be used where possible." INSTABOOM Go fits the bill and is the perfect solution for saving lives, budget and carbon.

Its hybrid design means even if the sun’s not shining, INSTABOOM Go will run for two weeks of 10-hour shifts turning every 30 seconds. In bright conditions, it will never need a top up charge. Ground-breaking safety control software means it is TOPAS aligned, with many safety back-up features, preventing a double Go/Go – only safe operations can be operated.

INSTABOOM Flagger is a single lane closure barrier in a 24kg flight case with rotating Chapter 8 chevron barrier manufactured from bamboo and recycled cotton. Simple one person deployment allows an instant single lane closure in under a minute with remote operation via fob up to 800m, enhancing the safety of work crews, and reducing the increasing risk of incursions.

Even if the sun’s not shining, it will still work for 2 full weeks at 100 times a day. If used on a bright day, it will never need a top up charge.

Manufactured with not only as low a carbon footprint as possible, but also every consideration has been given to the materials used. This includes a bamboo barrier arm and the use of recycled materials wherever possible. Given INSTABOOM Flagger’s low carbon footprint of manufacture and almost zero cost of ownership – it’s an excellent choice to help meet environmental credentials and contribute towards National Highways route to carbon neutral by 2050.

Solar Gates Managing Director, Neil Sampson, said: “Every new innovation should, and must, be designed and manufactured with green energy and low carbon footprint of manufacture in mind. There seems to be no plan B for the environment. Everything we do at Solar Gates has this focus up front and central. In the Highway’s and Railways sector, there is also growing concern over the safety of the workforce with an increasing number of incursions and near (and not so near) misses being reported every month. Innovations need to be compliant to most exacting standards. But sustainability should not mean a reduction in safety.”

“This is why we are so pleased with these two new products. Built to run on solar power, even in the UK, they have been designed with every milliamp of power consumption carefully considered but without skimping on performance or reliability.”

“The kit is built for the job and to protect the environment, traffic management crews and road users all in one” concludes Sampson.

The portability, solar-powered functionality, and sustainability features make these products an innovative, safety conscious, cost effective and responsible choice for any project.”