40,000 Cars Stolen Every Year

January 2016

You may well think that without a key, your car is safe, but the Met Police has news for you about a growing trend.

The Met explain how organised criminal gangs target many prestige cars and vans. “They plug a device into the on-board diagnostic port (OBD) which allows them to download the vehicle's electronic information onto a blank key. This key is then compatible with the car, allowing them to drive the vehicle away. This process can take just seconds.”

Within their guidelines 'How to protect your vehicle', The Met suggests you use crook-locks, alarms and de-mobilisers.

From clients we've spoken with in the last three months, they tell us that these measures have not proved to be conclusive. 'Where there's a will...'

If your car is in your drive, have you thought about installing a deterrent that thieves haven't cracked?

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