SOSEC range of barriers and site lighting got a lot of attention!" />

Award winners at Kent Construction Show 2018

October 2018

What a day at Kent's biggest construction event – where our solar-powered SOSEC range of barriers and site lighting got a lot of attention!

It’s quite a big piece of kit to have at a show, so we took the whole range it we certainly stand out. Seeing it in action was great for people to understand how the gates, barriers and lighting all work.

It stood out so much we won the show’s award for the best large stand design with the award presented to the team by Jo James, COE Of the Kent Chamber of Commerce!

SOSEC barriers, gates and lights are fully solar-powered and mobile. This unique concept has taken-up by the construction industry all over the United Kingdom.

SOSEC allows site managers to control traffic in and out easily. As a site needs to change the perimeter and entry/exit points, they just move the barrier. Because it’s not on mains power, there's no cables to worry about – it just needs sunlight (even if it’s overcast – it’ll still work!). And we certainly had an overcast foggy day to prove the point.

At a music festival earlier in the summer, we deployed barriers for the trade entry points, plus our solar-powered lighting was used to light the paths for the campers after dark, who slept well because they didn’t have to put up with a groaning generator all night long!

Clients either have them on-site permanently on hire or purchase under capex. Once we’re on-site, we can set up in under an hour and have a new barrier or lighting in place, securing sites and protecting people! We have even stared using SOSEC barriers as emergency replacement for breakdowns of normal barriers.

Find out more about the SOSEC range here.