Fast, reliable speed barriers at Care UK

January 2014

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It was becoming clear at Care UK’s Colchester office that the two way car park entrance for staff and visitors was just not working for the varied users. They needed a control system in place, fast!

Care UK provides healthcare service and run hospitals, care homes and surgeries across the UK. They needed total access control at their office on the Colchester business park as original two-lane wide entrance lacked any road markings, so they approached Green Gate Access Systems for some answers.

A new slimline central reservation in the driveway was installed to get the traffic to observe a controlled two lane system. Two O&O Speed Barriers now provide the access control in conjunction with a full colour video intercom integrated into the incumbent door entry systems.

Staff use their existing swipe cards and visitors have to call through to reception from the sleek outdoor intercom panel. Exit for all is automatic and the barriers are set to rise in the event of a fire alarm.

Fast flow - so speed is essential

With a constant flow of traffic, speed is essential. Care UK need to control access and they also have to ensure that traffic does not back up on to the road.

The Green Gate speed barriers open and close in half a second which ensures fast flow of traffic in and out - it also eliminates tail-gating.

The barriers run from a standard mains supply but modulate their own 3 phase supply internally and use superfast and rugged industrial motors. Access control is provided by a fully networked PAXTON Net2 system allowing all user access to be controlled remotely via IP connection.

“I am so glad that we chose to work with Green Gate Access Systems. It was amazing leaving work on a Friday and coming back on Monday morning to find our new double barriers and pavement up and working!” explained Rebecca Hampshire, Corporate Offices Building Manager for Care UK.

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