Green Gate Brings Home A Safety Trophy

April 2018

Green Gate Brings Home A Safety Trophy

We are now the winners of the 2018 British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF)’s Safety in Excellence award.

Our SOSEC range being used on construction sites, mining sites, schools and highways won the award innovation for its instant safety – the barriers are ready to go once they’ve been very quickly and easily set up.

They’re solar so won’t need or run out of power and mobile too so can be taken to where they are needed.

The awards were held in Birmingham and although we were unable to attend, the award now stands proudly in our headquarters.

The awards recognise excellence within the safety industry, excellence in customer service and product innovation with the key goal of improving occupational safety and health within the UK.

The judging panel consists of highly respected and well-known figures from the health & safety arena, with a broad range of professional expertise.

Managing Director Neil Sampson, said: “To win another industry award for the SOSEC range is another well-deserved pat on the back for our team who work very closely with our clients to ensure their security needs are met with the products we have. We innovate and use our engineering expertise to get around any issues we find – we’re very determined not to be beaten by anything that tries to thwart us on the engineering side!”