Green Gate Launches New GS6 InstaBoom

July 2019

This remarkable new height detection system connects to our flagship INSTABOOM barrier and has been created specifically for over height warning and asset protection on highways. The first production model is already being used to protect an overhead powerline from strikes on the M20 motorway with Kier Highways.

Green Gate had already deployed INSTABOOM with Kier Highways on the M20 and was recently awarded the coveted Highways England Blue Star award for its innovative safety implementation. The GS6 INSTABOOM was created and patents filed when Kier requested the INSTABOOM product with an added height restriction feature. The simple product uses an IP68 laser on standard GS6 pole wired back to the INSTABOOM barrier some 20-30m down the work lane. When the set height restriction is breached, the barrier is triggered to come down, barring access to the work zone and with an emergency number to call for further action.

The product, like all Green Gate’s products, is designed to work in the UK, all year round, entirely on solar power. It can also be deployed and moved in minutes.

The new GS6 INSTABOOM was developed using the existing INSTABOOM product and modifying with the IP68 laser on standard GS6 posts to detect and bar entry to all over height site traffic, revealing the emergency number for drivers to call for further action.

The GS6 INSTABOOM helps work zones to:

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