GRIZZLY - the new hydraulic bollard from O&O

November 2012

The Grizzly bollard is the first hydraulic product from O&O and is introduced following an intense period of market research and product development. It offers a host of newly designed features making the Grizzly bollard the fastest, safest, most robust and cost effective automatic bollard on the market.

Features such as its unique debris reduction design, simple maintenance without the use of a hoist and special safety valve allowing contact reverse making it safe and simple to install.

Available in various sizes, finishes, impact grades and with or without automated brakes, there are 16 standard product variants to suit every application.

All Grizzly units operate from the new CDS control panel featuring digital programming, auto-learn and set-up and customisable outputs allowing the bollards to be easily integrated into other systems.

The Grizzly hydraulic bollard from O&O was launched during summer 2012 with the first units being fitted in the UK towards the end of that year. The Grizzly has been introduced with 16 standard variants allowing it to suit a massive range of applications from public and commercial buildings to pedestrian areas and private residences.

With a highly competitive price point for the features included coupled with O&O’s standard 3 year with optional 4th year warranty, they have launched an offering to rival all other bollards on the market.

Some of its key features are based around the installation and future maintenance of the Grizzly bollards and as such has been designed to allow a single person to access and repair the motor pump unit without the use of lifting equipment. The reinforced steel ‘kick-plate’ covers allow the casings to be installed by any contractor early in a property development, minimising disruption to entrance areas later on.

The bollards and control systems can then added at a more suitable time and installation is time is hugely reduced. The new CDS control panel operates the whole range of Grizzly bollards from one easy to use board that will operate up to 4 bollards.

With all the hydraulics being integrated to the bollards, there is very little control gear above ground making installation very suitable where visual aesthetics are important or space is restricted.

The Grizzly range offers some truly unique, yet simple features that have been learnt from over 40 years of bollard experience. The lift time of 5-6 seconds is not only fast for its size, but is complemented with a special safety valve allowing the bollard to stop and reverse on obstacle detection.

Debris ingress has been reduced by up to 80% with the introduction of a unique conical design of the bollard crown that also houses the 12 optional intense LED lights and motion siren.

Installation is far less involved that many bollards with a very shallow hole for the height of the bollard and the units are also supplied with a reinforced steel kick-plate cover allowing the casing to be pre-fitted early in a property development.

The whole layout and design has been created with future maintenance in mind and as such the integrated motor can be removed and serviced by one person without the use of the hoist. The Grizzly also has a brand new control panel offering auto set-up, digital display and 2 programmable outputs allowing simple integration of the bollard into any security system.

A new and unique feature is the ‘Termon’ heating function allowing the bollard to operate at temperatures as low as -30 ?C without a separate heater.

Available in either 6 or 10mm casing, in either standard powder-coated or chrome finish and with or without brakes, the Grizzly bollards can be selected to suit any environment and application.

For more information or to book a product demonstration at our showroom, please contact us by calling 08456 800269.