Silver Healthy Workplace Award For Solar Gates UK

October 2022

Solar Gates UK are delighted to announce that Kent County Council have awarded them a Silver Healthy Workplace Award.

The Healthy Workplace programme helps businesses become healthier places to work. Having healthy staff and a healthy workplace can help reduce sickness and increase productivity as staff will be well enough to work effectively. Evidence shows that for every £1 spent on healthy workplace initiatives, businesses benefit from between £2 and £32 in reduced sickness, turnover and improved productivity.

Since our Bronze award in January 2022, the team have continued to work together to help one another in more ways that just getting product out to our valuable clients. A healthy workplace is not just about filling in forms and toolbox talks. Taking a walk over lunch, joining the 'stop smoking' campaign, car sharing and cycling to work, healthy snacks in the kitchens. Even the bees and chickens at the factory have played a part in the recent Silver Award.

Helen Moors, Manager at Kent and Medway Healthy Workplace Programme explains "Solar Gates has demonstrated how extremely supportive it is towards its staff and how it actively promotes self-development at many levels both within the workplace and personal lives. The company has organically formed a very understanding and compassionate culture which in return has increased productivity and innovation. Staff have a strong sense of belonging and feel they can approach their line-managers and senior management at any time."

"They have just had water-coolers installed and 'Solar Gates' water bottles have been designed and are provided for all staff, which is reducing their single use plastic. Quite uniquely Solar Gates have chickens on site. Food waste is given to the chickens and in return they produce daily eggs for staff to eat as a healthier food option.

"Solar Gates has achieved Silver for the Kent and Medway Workplace Wellbeing Award. Receiving this award is a great achievement and highlights that the company is making good progress in the areas of staff health and wellbeing." concludes Moors.