Solar Gates SLT Embarks on Innovative Adventure with INSTABOOM Go at InterTraffic 2024

April 2024

Neil Sampson, Managing Director, Chris Long, Operations Director, and Anna Blake, Head of Sales and Marketing at Solar Gates, have set off on another exciting adventure, showcasing the revolutionary INSTABOOM Go at InterTraffic 2024. This event brings together international industry leaders and innovators from traffic management, providing a platform to exhibit cutting-edge solutions that redefine efficiency and safety on the roads.

The INSTABOOM Go, a game-changing solution, was the focal point of Solar Gates' proposition. Demonstrating its unparalleled efficiency, the team showcased how this innovative device swiftly removes the need for traffic operatives to be physically present on the road. With remote operation capabilities, INSTABOOM Go enhances safety by instantly removing personnel from the road.

One of the most remarkable features of INSTABOOM Go is its reliance on solar power. Despite variations in sunlight exposure, this device boasts an impressive operational capacity. Capable of running continuously for three weeks and operating up to ten hours a day, it ensures uninterrupted functionality without the need for traditional power sources.

At InterTraffic 2024, Sampson, Long, and Blake seized the opportunity to reconnect with industry peers, fostering new connections and reinforcing existing relationships. Their presence not only underscored Solar Gates' commitment to innovation but also highlighted the collaborative spirit driving advancements in traffic management technology.

As the event concluded, the Senior Leadership Team returned home with renewed inspiration and a strengthened resolve to drive positive change in the industry. With INSTABOOM Go leading the charge, Solar Gates continues to spearhead innovations that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability in traffic management systems. Stay tuned as Solar Gates paves the way for a safer and smarter future on the roads.

Reflecting on the event, Anna shared her thoughts, stating, "InterTraffic 2024 was an incredible experience. Seeing the enthusiasm and interest in all areas in our industry on such a large scale is remarkable. The interest surrounding INSTABOOM Go reaffirmed our belief in its potential to revolutionise traffic management. The positive feedback and engaging conversations we had with industry experts further motivate us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation."