Kent Vision LIVE / Lighting Launch

May 2018

Kent Vision LIVE / Lighting Launch

Kent Vision LIVE was lit up with the launch of our new SOSEC lighting – and it caused quite a stir at the entrance!

You couldn’t fail to miss it if you were at the Detling show, where we exhibited. We took along a barrier from our SOSEC range of solar-powered and mobile barrier/gate products.

The first in the range, a solar-powered barrier, was developed for one of our construction client who needed demarcation on a site with no power – and so solar power was our solution.

The range has been developed from the initial prototype and we now have the lighting too, ideal for temporary lighting and permanent too if you’re looking for a product that won’t run out of power and eliminates your fuel costs.

It’s also a great solution for night work – emergency workers are benefiting from it across the UK as they make repairs to highways.

‘Light your site and your people with SOSEC’- this is the strapline and that’s exactly what the lighting units do.

We’ve got two available:

SOSEC ProLight – Deploys in minutes and ideal for temporary remote site needs
SOSEC ProTemp – A column light, used along paths and welfare areas.

No noise, wires, running costs or fuel needed!

If you’re camping at this year’s Vicar’s Picnic festival, your path will be lit by our SOSEC lights! The sun’s rays are harvested in the day, to give you light at night…