How working with Solar Gates will make you feel good!

January 2023

Proud to announce the launch of their new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) document. The document, which was developed by the company’s directors, outlines their commitment to improving the lives of their customers, employees, and the communities in which they operate.

The CSR document sets out the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, ethical business practices, and social responsibility. Solar Gates UK has pledged to ensure ensure that their products and services are sustainable and ethical as they can be, without making unsubstantiated ‘greenwash’ claims. We continue to break down the stigma attached to people who may have barriers to employment and underpin our commitment to the environment with the Solar Gates Bee’s.

In addition, the CSR document outlines Solar Gates UK’s commitment to communities within which it operates. The company has pledged to provide jobs and training opportunities for local people, as well as people who have barriers to employment such as prison sentences or addiction.

The launch of the CSR document marks a significant step forward for Solar Gates UK, in formalising the practices that are already in place as the company continues to strive to be a responsible corporate citizen. The company believes that their commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility will help to create a better world for everyone.

Neil Sampson Managing Director says ‘our commitment to improving the lives of our customers and industry colleagues doesn’t stop with our products. The directors of Solar Gates UK are committed to improving the lives of our staff members, which is no mean feat given the current climate and cost of living, whilst also committing to our local community and environmental responsibility too.’

Read our CSR document in full HERE.