Solar Gates UK launch NEW INSTABOOM Site

June 2022

Work sites in the highways sector are set to become even safer and more sustainable after the launch of new innovation from Solar Gates UK.

The development of INSTABOOM Site, is another new approach to securing work sites and air locks that need security check-in. This robust welfare cabin, with integrated security barrier built on a forkliftable steel base platform is perfect for sites that need extra manned security and providing them with a welfare hut. The cabin comes with space for laptops and chargers for mobile phones and tablets. INSTABOOM Site is delivered ready to work and can be up and running in minutes. It is fully solar powered so no power is necessary and therefore complies with carbon reduction and wider net zero targets. It is also portable so can be moved quickly as your worksite entrance evolves, preventing the public from entering the site and protecting workers within it.

INSTABOOM Site enables you to instantly cut HSE fines that would have occurred if any member of the public wonders onto a worksite either accidentally or on purpose.

The INSTABOOM Site is manufactured at the Solar Gates UK office in Kent and is UKCA marked to the British gate and barrier safety accreditations. It is supplied with remote telematics as standard to help aid security and safety and UK wide managed service and delivery is available.

Solar Gates UK is proud supporters and a member of Gate Safe, a registered charity founded specifically to improve the standard of safety for the installation and maintenance of automated gates and barriers. Neil Sampson, Managing Director of Solar gates UK says “This new innovation is another product that has come about because work sites are seeing the benefit of solar powered products and looking after their staff teams. INSTABOOM Site felt like a natural progression of our INSTABOOM range of products. Within hours of having the product finished I spoke with Balfour Beatty about it and they have snapped up the prototype to be immediately deployed on the M20 Operation Brock to assist in making this crucial national infrastructure project safer.”

For more information and to watch the video go to INSTABOOM Site