How I Saved My Own Life - Anna's Story Of How She Overcame Addiction

February 2023

We’re in the business of second chances.

Well, actually, we’re in the business of solar hybrid barriers and gates, but hear us out.

It’s no secret that some of the team at Solar Gates HQ haven’t always had the easiest journey getting to where they are today.

For some of them, there’s been ups. Downs. Full on rollercoasters.

But they’ve made it.

Our Head of Sales and Marketing, Anna Blake, is one example of all the good that can come from being on the receiving end of a second chance or two.

And this week, she’s featured in Highways Magazine.

Anna spent years battling her own addiction and is now speaking up and breaking barriers by sharing her story to help others.

(Not our barriers obviously. They’re impressively sturdy.)

If you want to read Anna's story you can read it HERE.