Innovative, carbon saving, Pallet-Trailer comes to the UK

October 2021

Solar Gates UK are proud to bring to the market a unique new delivery tool for their SOSEC barriers, the pallet trailer. The lifting capacity of a fork-lift combined in a standard trailer. Solar Gates were becoming increasingly aware of site deliveries that required more one vehicle to finish the installation. But more widely, taking heavy plant and goods onto highways sites often involves three vehicles - the forks, the flat bed and the gangers’ 4x4 to lead. This amounts to sheet waste of manpower and fuel, when there is another way. With the Pallet Trailer, site deliveries can now be achieved with a single vehicle and a 65% reduction in carbon usage.

Initially developed for the simple transport and delivery the SOSEC range of solar powered site barriers, the Pallet-Trailer is now available for any palletised goods. With a manual hydraulic lift, the trailer easily lifts a pallet from the ground for transport and then lower back to the ground at the destination.

“We are delighted to announce the UK distribution agreement of this exciting product. From our own perspective, we were finding using a HIAB for deliveries increasingly frowned upon and our staff often waiting hours for the site forks to become available” explains Neil Sampson, Managing Director at Solar Gates UK. “But we were also seeing a one man, one vehicle, job often turn into a much longer process. It is not uncommon for three vehicles to be involved in delivering a single item of heavy equipment to a roadside location. The SOSEC pallet trailer takes this back down to one man with the subsequent savings in carbon and man hours. We are excited to see our clients finding many more novel ways to use this innovative product”.

Extending the range beyond the initial SOSEC trailer, the Pallet Trailer can now offer this unique delivery method for standard ‘euro’ pallet sizes up to 1800kg. As long as the goods have a palletised base, they can be delivered with the Pallet Trailer including CCTV towers, water containers, small plant, concrete bases, site toilets, etc. all now delivered by one person in one vehicle.

A vertically lifting tailgate means it is possible to back the load directly into tight spaces or up against a wall or barrier fence. A low centre of gravity ensures excellent road handling of the brake trailers with independent suspension and full European approval. The pallet trailer is available in various weight classes with the single axle, single pallet trailers ranging from 450kg up to 1800kg versions and a twin axel, twin pallet version for pallets up to 900kg each.

Call 01622 534000 to book a demo or click to find out about the whole Pallet-Trailer range.