Solar Gates Protects and Secures SCS HS2 Site

November 2022

Solar Gates UK is delighted to have been chosen by SCS to secure and protect their HS2 construction worksites. With over 20 SOSEC barriers across the site, up to 4 SOSEC barriers protect each entrance, creating a secure two-way traffic airlock. The huge scale of the HS2 project means that security and health and safety of the sites needs to be of the highest standard and construction areas need to be kept extremely secure.

The SOSEC barrier with it’s versatility, ease of use, solar power and the fact it is portable are all significant benefits of the SOSEC range for SCS. The huge volume of works traffic also means each entrance is heavily used, 6 days a week, so the barriers need to be especially reliable. Making an instant improvement to the heavy volume of works traffic entering the site, SCS have also secured a conveyor belt bridge area, transporting soil and rubble across the site, from an over height vehicle strike, using a Wireless GS6. The Wireless GS6 detects any over height vehicles and physically closes the lane, stopping them from proceeding into possible danger.

Solar Gates UK have released a video highlighting the reasons behind SCS’s choice for the SOSEC barrier, that can be viewed here

Jason French, Site Security Manager says “On the day of install, within just 10 mins of observing the barriers, I could clearly see straight away this was going to speed up the operations. The luxury of the barriers being solar powered means if the entrance location needs to move, we can just pick it all up and move them. Each install is up and running in minutes, totally eliminating disruption to our busy site.”

Jason finishes with “fundamentally, in the world of security and logistics, its pretty much made an extremely safe environment for security and persons as well as speeding up our operations and deliveries into site.”

Managing Director of Solar Gates UK, Neil Sampson says “We are delighted that SCS and other HS2 sites have chosen the SOSEC barriers, have been developed for exactly this sort of busy, dynamic and evolving construction environment, it is an honour for the SOSEC barriers to be used so extensively on SCS sites.”

The SOSEC barrier range, which is developed and manufactured by Solar Gates UK, harnesses the sun's energy, combining SOlar power and SECurity (SOSEC) on a simple, mobile platform. The first prototype was developed in 2016 and was designed to create effective public demarcation, on new sites, without mains power. From there, SOSEC is now used by many of the UK's leading construction firms and has saved £millions on site security and tonnes of carbon.