NEW safety exit touch screen SOSEC solar barrier

June 2021

The Kier HSEQ team at the Windy Harbour RDP wanted to address the potential risk of vehicles leaving works entrances and pulling onto the main road network in an unsafe condition. Given the changing nature of compound locations over the sizable project and with no fixed power supplies – the normal answer would be a manned guard at each location. Seeking an alternative to banksmen, they came to Solar Gates UK for a solution.

With previous, award winning, experiences with INSTABOOM, it was the SOSEC range of mobile solar barriers that was more suited to the larger compound entrances at Windy Harbour.

Solar Gates UK developed an app-based portal that requires drivers exiting a compound to answer a series of vital safety questions, giving them the onus of responsibility for their own vehicle. The driver is asked if the vehicles’ height, weight, load stability and safety to join the highway are safe for the vehicle to proceed. The randomised selection of yes/no questions are presented on a touch screen at the barrier and assuming the vehicle is safe, the barrier is automatically opened, releasing the vehicle from site.

If the answers are incorrect or the vehicle is over-height, as detected by a laser GS6 sensor, the barrier remains locked and the screen guides the driver to use the 4G intercom to call for assistance. The SOSEC range of mobile solar barriers allowed the installation to be completed in just a few hours, minimising disruption to the busy compound entrance.

‘From concept to delivery, the Solar Gates UK team turned the new safety check point app into a reality in just a few weeks and the barriers are calculated to operate from solar power, even on the shortest day of the year’ explains Neil Sampson, Managing Director, Solar Gates UK.

‘It’s been so refreshing working with Solar Gates. They have a history of bringing our ideas to life, something a lot of companies just can’t do. The new safety check point barrier is another example of our commitment to site safety and innovation” concludes John Quarless HESQ Manager, Kier Highways.