Solar Gates at Traffex 2023

June 2023

Solar Gates UK, a leading provider of construction solar site security solutions, has been making waves at recent a event across the UK. Managing Director Neil Sampson and Head of Sales and Marketing Anna Blake took to the road in their ad van 'Big Bertha', showcasing their innovative plant that keeps out 'certain people’ from construction sites making them safer places to be.

But Solar Gates UK had another message to share with the industry: addiction. It is a serious issue that is often overlooked and underfunded, in our industry people suffering. To raise awareness and promote discussion, Sampson and Blake brought along 0% alcohol beer to the Traffex event, creating a fun and chaotic atmosphere that encouraged people to talk about this difficult and ever-present problem.

Sampson and Blake's efforts have so far been well-received by industry professionals and have sparked important conversations about addiction and its impact on the industry. By combining their expertise in site security with a passion for social responsibility, Solar Gates UK is setting an example for other companies to follow.

Anna Blake, Head of Sales and Marketing said “it was a slightly unconventional way of getting a conversation started, I am aware. We apologise to anyone who was caused offense to with our activities at Traffex. But addiction has this annoying habit of cropping up when least expected and most inappropriate times. We wanted to emulate that experience with a bit of fun chaos.”

The video about the exploits can be seen here.