Solar Gates Celebrates 18 "MF" Years of Keeping Your World Secure

May 2024

In a world where trends come and go quicker than a squirrel with ADHD, this plucky little company is celebrating 18 MF years in business.

Marking nearly two decades of keeping people safe. Solar Gates comes of age, symbolising resilience, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to their values.

From its humble beginnings of building ‘Green’ Gates, Solar Gates UK has evolved into the people and organisation you know today. Creators of the SOSEC and INSTABOOM barriers.

That’s right, we are responsible for turning quaint little gates into a high-tech barrier’s suitable for use on the biggest infrastructure sites in the UK.

"I started with a simple vision," reminisces Solar Gates founder Managing Director, Neil Sampson. "We wanted to give people the power to say, 'You shall not pass!' without having to don a wizard's robe. Seriously I started just trying to make a living and I never expected to create industry leading brands.”

But what sets Solar Gates apart from the rest? Well, besides the fact that their gates have the sturdiness to withstand any construction site is their values. The company is ‘raising the bar’ to help people with ‘barriers to employment’, their values are unique and admirable.

As Solar Gates UK looks forward to its future and its plans to continue pushing the boundaries: here's to you, Solar Gates, on your 18th MF birthday.