Cutting-Edge Telematics For Your Cutting-Edge Barriers

February 2021

Cutting-Edge Telematics For Your Cutting-Edge Barriers

Enjoy an added layer of control to the safety of your site, the 3G telematics on all hired award-winning INSTABOOM® or SOSEC barrier.

This high-tech upgrade allows for fully remote management, proactive servicing and email alerts/notifications so that you’re always well and truly on top of things.

This is especially important when barriers have been deployed for a safety critical GS6 role. The ability to receive live alerts (along with pinpoint locations) of over-height vehicle breaches is an invaluable addition to your health and safety armoury.

Deploying telematics means having:

Every INSTABOOM anti-incursion barrier and GS6 over height protection kit is fully accredited with the most up-to-date safety standards. We look after your barrier’s safety so you can concentrate on your site’s safety.